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What we do

We strive to make our clients — you — happy by listening to your wishes and requirements.
We go the extra mile — we care about your users, too.

Agile processes keep us running and maintaining an optimal balance between stability, flexibility and predictability. Ask us about infrastructure, architecture, development, security, user experience and optimization of graphical interfaces, processes and performance.

Web & mobile development

At Kendu we’re more than familiar with the full lifecycle of a web app; from designing system architecture and server infrastructure to building and scaling a team with the project requirements. We strive to optimize performance, establish processes for quality assurance and determine what needs automation.

We like tidy and testable code. We are firm believers that automation saves time and money.

Our toolbox contains PHP, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Vagrant, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Git and more.

This is a highly customisable video and content management platform for events and educational institutions that enables users to publish their content directly from the classroom to the cloud and students’ devices.


This is a platform for investors to overview, track and manage their assets through a simple interface. The system is also a part of a client’s day-to-day operations, helping to keep investments, expenses, and income in order.

Project Recovery

Has the outsourced developer team, which was yesterday still working on your project, suddenly decided to move on?

Project deadline is looming, but all you have is a mockup and no developer team. What now?

You have an idea, a vision of a perfect product for your users, but you worry how they might interact with it. You’d like to be sure before investing too much time, effort and human resources into it. What can you do?,,

The company taking care of several big tourism and information web portals was abandoned by the original team of developers leaving a huge technical debt. We jumped in. After careful review we upgraded their server infrastructure and development environment and we introduced modern development tools and processes into the 6+ year old LAMP platform.

Own products


The nicest e-newsletter sending machine serving millions of emails per month and tracking everything you need to know about your email campaigns.


A locally-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to service design that strives to make your city a better place to live.

Other services

Git workshops

We organize hands-on workshops in the basic and advanced use of Git.

Agile workshops

We think agile, we develop agile, and we teach agile.


We help you technically screen candidates for your new development team and take them through the recruiting process.

No worries, we can do that for you. We’ve already done this for some startups.


We are hiring!

Are you a PHP developer, JavaScript ninja, UX enthusiast or a designer?

Send us an email or poke us on Twitter. We’ll hear you.

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